2019 spray season

Rain. Wind. Rain. It has been a very wet beginning to the season this year, but as the weather allows we are out spraying as much as humanly possible. Please give Rod a call on 0278777228 to book in your crop pre emergents and all other spray work in advance so we can get to your farm as soon as there is a break in the weather.

We now have a tractor to help our clients with working paddocks, drilling and extra spraying on those slightly more ‘difficult’ paddocks.

The gorse unit is busy, with Chris out spraying each day that the weather plays the game. Give us a call to book in to start getting your gorse under control ASAP.

We look forward to seeing our loyal clients again and also some new faces this season.

Why Spray?

Why should you get a spray contractor in?

Spraying is an essential part of farming from start to finish. We can provide accuracy and efficiency for your spraying that is just not possible with most on farm gear with our specialized equipment.

Getting your paddock sprayed out properly is essential for growth of any seed planted whether crop or grass.

Liquid fertiliser can signficantly increase growth and productivity of both the plants and animals eating it.

When your valuable crops are filled with weeds it is essential to get rid of these ASAP to prevent the weeds from competing with your crop for nutrients and space.